CME Organizers

As a CME Organizer (Conference or Course Director, Education Leader) we spend countless hours planning, developing, organizing and ultimately implementing continuing medical education (and continuing professional development) activities for others. This might include conferences, courses, workshops, seminars, simulations and online learnings activities (podcasts, webinars, blogs). When it comes to the planning, we all sweat the small stuff because we want the activity to be a valuable learning experience for the participant.

For the next learning activity you organize … you may want to consider using ChangeCME as a tool at the end of your event –
enhance your participants learning and let your activity live on beyond that point in time. From our experience, being very deliberate and allowing some time for participants to complete their “commitment to change” (whether it be on paper or on ChangeCME) brings the greatest success.

Please consider adding the ChangeCME icon and website to your education materials (syllabus, program, app, handout). And if you do use ChangeCME for you next activity – we would love to hear from you.

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